Every cocktail has an alcoholic ingredient, and since these are more about the flavor and not all that about the booze, we’re using coffee liqueur. Of course, the liqueur will add more than alcohol to the drink — it also adds coffee flavor to this creamy drink.

You’ll also need a few shots of espresso and whole milk. Here’s where we’ll make two different coffee cocktails from the same base. We’ll flavor one with chocolate syrup and the other one with caramel syrup. Let’s do both with whipped cream and drizzle them with either chocolate syrup or caramel sauce.

For this cocktail duo, we’re starting with a strong coffee base of espresso and coffee liqueur. Together with milk (or your favorite milk alternative), you have a nice starting point to make a whole lot of cocktails.

Then it’s time to decide. Are you amping up your cocktail with chocolate or caramel? Actually, you don’t even have to choose; make both. Have chocolate syrup and caramel syrup in hand. Even better, have some friends over and let everyone choose their cocktail flavor! Fun times indeed.

And here’s a mind-blowing thought. Why not have some strawberry syrup around as well? Or what about dulce de leche? The sky’s the limit!


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